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Tried and True plants

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There are many tiny mat forming Veronicas from Turkey and similar areas that do well in Foothill gardens.  Most do well given a well drained area and rocks to creep around. Ours are mostly in the rock garden and are watered weekly. We have grown many through the years and list a few of our favorites. 

Veronica liwanensis Veronica liwanensis

Flat mat of tiny round glossy leaves and dark blue flowers in spring.  Likes crevices , creeping around rocks and well drained areas. 

Veronica macrostachya

Loose mounds of silver leaves and long stems with true blue flowers.

Veronica oltensis Veronica oltensis

Minute pinnate leaves on a  tiny mat forming creeper.  Violet-blue flowers in spring.  Loves crevices. Needs good drainage. A personal favorite.

Veronica  pectinata with bee Veronica pectinata

Grey-green woolly leaves and flowers of deep blue.  Forms a  nice mat for creeping between flagstones or decorating the edge of a path. Very tough. Highly recommended for foothill gardens.