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Tried and True plants

To see more information about a particular plant or genus, click on the name to go to a more detailed page. There is a pager at the bottom.

Phlomis  armeniaca Phlomis armeniaca

A Turkish Phlomis growing to 2 feet from a woody base.  Showy silver grey leaves and erect stems congested with large pale yellow flowers. Very nice.

Phlomis capitata

Clumps of felted leaves that are almost white.  Late in the spring topped with large yellow flowers congested on the end of the bloom stalk.  Very showy. Blooms much later than our other dwarf phlomis.

Phlomis  lychnitis Phlomis lychnitis

Cushions of long narrow grey leaves and erect stems of dark yellow flowers.  From Spain.  Has been very tough for us.

Scutellaria  suffrutescens Scutellaria suffrutescens

Grey green mounds of foliage covered with pinkish red flowers all spring and summer. Very tough Texas native that does best in full hot sun with a bit of sand added to soil.  

Stachys  lavandulifolia Stachys lavandulifolia

This was the only dwarf stachys that lived more than a few years for us.  Furry grey leaves and the most adorable furry inflorescence of pink flowers, only about 6-8" tall.  This year I realized our population was getting low.  Before I could do anything the gophers decimated its space.  Hoping I have seed stashed.


Tanacetum densum amani Tanacetum densum amani

A  drought tolerant ground cover for sunny to partly shady areas.  Intensely silver-white leaves are very finely cut, hence the common name, “Partridge Feather Tansy”.  Spikes of yellow buttons in late spring to summer.  Plant near something blue for a beautiful combo.  We suggest Penstemon heterophyllus.

Teucrium marum

Another small Teucrium that has proven very tough for us.  Similar to T. subspinosum except the leaves are slightly greener and larger.  Flowers are perhaps a bit larger as well. In our garden, it makes a mound about 8 inches tall, taller when in bloom. 

This plant is also called Cat Thyme, and cats are said to go crazy for it. 

Teucrium subspinosum

Extremely tough shrubby plant forming cushions of grey leaves.  Loose racemes of pink flowers in late spring.  Not very spiny, despite the name, but very tough.  Survived our front death bed the year our irrigation failed, and did not even look stressed.  Will slowly spread to cover a large area.

Thymus leuchotrichus Thymus leuchotrichus

Nice shrubby thyme from Greece and Turkey. The stiff silvery leaves almost give it the appearance of a dwarf conifer.  Lavender flowers completely cover the mound for a long time in spring.

Verbascum  bombyciferum Verbascum bombyciferum

For those who like to make a statement.  Huge rosettes of large silver felt leaves. Tall (4') spires of woolly white with yellow flowers.  We let this biennial plant seed itself pretty much anywhere it wants. It often chooses unwatered areas along the paths, and does just fine there.