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Acantholimon  caryophyllaceum

A relatively large and striking Acantholimon from Turkey. Over time it slowly forms large perfect silver domes of silver spine tipped leaves. Pink flowers on erect scapes. Plant it in a well drained area, gravel mulch, and do not water much in summer. Weed around it very, very carefully.  Those beautiful spines are sharp. We have one in our unwatered front bed that is almost 3 foot across and a foot tall (without flower spikes) that is almost never watered.  It is in a bed that does not have an irrigation system.  Supposedly I water it monthly.  I often forget.  And it is in this site that this plant has grown the best for us.  If it is watered too much, the domes kind of collapse and are not quite so perfect. 

  • Full sun