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If the plants and techniques mentioned in this site interest you, then the following resources may be of interest. 

North American Rock Garden Society (NARGS)

NARGS has a great website with tons of resources, plant photos.  You can actually read all their previous journals online.  They are also a great organization and well worth joining. 

NARGS Website

Sierra Rock Garden Society (SRGS)

SRGS is actually the local chapter of NARGS.  If you are located in the Sierra Foothills (especially Tuolumne or Calaveras Counties) and are interested in these plants, then you just need to join SRGS.  They have plant and cutting exchanges.  We often take surplus plants to the meetings. A great group of people. Just join. 

SRGS Website
SRGS Facebook page (details on upcoming events)
SRGS Facebook Group (members conversations about plants and their gardens)